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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is one the most powerful components of an effective security plan and a key to providing your facility with the security you need.

MCS can provide a video surveillance solution of any size and scale. Our team of consultants have developed solutions for thousands of clients across the country. From an analog system to an advanced IP video solution, you have the power to see what is occurring in your business 24 hours a day.

An MCS Fire & Security video surveillance system helps protect against the following:

  • Employee theft, negligence, and attendance issues
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims
  • Inventory theft and shrinkage
  • Poor work flow and manufacturing issues

With the latest video technology, an MCS custom video solution:

  • Can be integrated with your access control and intrusion solutions
  • Provides unmatched security for your facility
  • Provides remote viewing capabilities via tablets and smart phones