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Fire Detection

MCS Fire & Security is the industry leader in design, installation and servicing of fire detection and life safety systems. From basic sprinkler monitoring to multi facility applications, MCS has the knowledge and experience to meet critical life safety needs and specifications.

Our life safety teams consist of NICET level IV designers, experts in life safety requirements. We provide engineering, project management, installation and service by our highly trained staff.

MCS designed life safety systems utilizing our strategic partner, EST System Technologies (“EST”), provide:

  • Mass notification
  • Voice evacuation
  • Occupant notification
  • IP monitoring

MCS Test & Inspection services provide:

  • Timely, accurate, trusted inspections, fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards
  • Instant access to inspection reports through our alliance with Building Reports, the leader in innovative electronic inspection solutions
  • Online client access to authorize repairs, manage inventory and view inspections up to five years

Your information is secure and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.