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GSA Contract

Star Asset Security protects the confidentiality of a variety of government services and military installations including the United States Department of Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, GSA, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. Over the years, we have amassed considerable experience in securing high-risk government facilities, including administrative buildings, currency printing facilities, legislative complexes and military facilities.

We offer a full spectrum of services for protecting your buildings, programs, and personnel, from a full coverage plan to monitoring, to servicing your current security system. Whether it’s designing a new, cutting-edge system or upgrading your current one, our highly trained security experts will work side-by-side with you to ensure the most comprehensive solution to meet your specific requirements. &nbsp

Star Asset is proud to offer federal government entities the convenience of our GSA Multiple Award Schedules. Our products are available to state and local governments in accordance with Section 833 Disaster Recovery Purchasing. The General Services Administration (GSA) helps procure the expert solutions, acquisition services, and superior workplaces that federal agencies need.

Our GSA designation allows us to better serve you by:

  • Simplifying the process.
  • Ensuring accuracy.
  • Minimizing procurement delays
  • Assuring complete contractual compliance

GSA Schedule – GS-07F-9671S

For more information, Please contact:

Paul Wolfe                                                          Marianne Herndon
Director of Government Business                 GSA Administrator
404-989-6143                                                     864-396-5430 (direct)
pwolfe@securethinking.com                      mherndon@securethinking.com

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