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Bobbie Hirschy–Chief Executive Officer/President, Orlando, FL
Bobbie Hirschy is President and CEO of Star Asset Security. In this role she oversees the management, operations and growth of the company and its various locations throughout the United States.

Ms. Hirschy has an extensive career in the security industry having previously been an owner of Choice 1 Security, a national security and electronic lock installation company. The company completed projects such as the Trump Taj Mahal, various Ritz Carlton Properties, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Properties as well as select Military bases across the United States. This company was later sold Stanley Works, one of the industry leaders in residential/industrial hardware and tools as well as security components.

Prior to Choice 1 Security, Ms. Hirschy was the President of Security Solutions Group, a WOSB that provided door security products for schools and government housing projects. Additionally, Ms. Hirschy has a vast array of experience in accounting and financial management.

Roger Hirschy–Executive Vice President, Orlando, FL
As Executive Vice President, Roger Hirschy focuses on business development through his customer and industry relationships. He leads the strategic planning process by setting the Company’s vision and focus toward its mission to grow to become a major regional security company.

He leads the due diligence process to identify synergistic companies that are aligned with the company’s acquisition strategy.Mr. Hirschy’s background ranges from commercial electronics and security to high end special use hardware and fixtures in retail and industrial applications. His prior projects include the Trump Taj Mahal, various Ritz Carlton Properties, Hyatt Hotels and Marriott Properties as well as select military bases across North America.

Mr. Hirschy was the President and CEO of Choice 1 Security, Inc., and after many successful years in the security and installation
business (1975-2007), he sold Choice 1 Security to Stanley Works, one of the industry leaders in residential/industrial hardware and
tools as well as security components.

Michael Pool – Regional Vice President/General Manager, Austin, TX
Michael Pool is the Regional Vice President for MCS Fire and Security (MCS), a Star Asset Security Company (STAR).In this role, he oversees the management and operations of the recently acquired MCS offices located throughout Texas.

Mr. Pool has a long and established career in the fire and security industry. He worked at MCS for 10 years, rising through positions from Operations Manager to President.After his tenure at MCS, he accepted the position of Vice President atImpact Fire Services.Welcoming the opportunity to return back to MCS and re-establish its brand, Mr. Pool introduced the STAR management team to MCS and their services. He’s been extremely vital to the acquisition by STAR and continues to be vital to its success.

Mr. Pool studied at the University of Texas located in San Antonio and has completed numerous certifications.

Brian Millard–Chief Financial Officer, Orlando, FL
Brian Millard joined Star Asset Security in August 2016. He brings 18+ years of experience in a similar role in the telecom industry and 30 years of experience as a CPA serving many clients in different industries.

Mr. Millard works directly with Star Asset Security ownership, management, and key service providers to guide the organization, finance team, human resources, and risk management, improvement of workflow, internal controls, accountability, timeliness and cash flow are his key objectives that impact all members of the Star teams.

Mr. Millard received a Masters and Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Systems Accounting from the University of Florida in 1986.During his enrollment in University of Florida, he was a member of Beta Alpha Psiand Lead Auditor for Student Government Finance. Mr. Millard also has an Associates in Business Administration from Daytona State College in 1982.

Romin Hirschy–Vice President of Operations, Birmingham, AL

Romin Hirschy serves as Vice President of Operations for Star Asset Security. In this role, he oversees the installation of products for its customers and the servicing of those accounts. He is also responsible for maintaining the vendor relationships for the company.

Mr. Hirschy has over 13 years of experience in the security industry. He was recently part owner in Choice 1 Security, a security and national electronic lock installation company that was sold to Stanley Tool Company. Prior to Star, he worked as an installation coordinator on a national level for 9 years before moving into an operational role.

He holds security and locksmith licenses for several states and additionally holds a Florida general contractors license.